Salford Student Accommodation Guide

Your Guide to Student Housing in Salford/Manchester

Studying in Salford or Manchester? Whether you’re attending the University of Salford, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University or another school in the area here is our guide to options for living in Manchester as a student.

1. Private Student Accommodation

A popular option for students in the area is private student accommodation. Riverside House provides affordable but luxurious accommodation in Salford with a 10minute walk to Manchester’s city centre. Fully furnished and all-inclusive of bills, WiFi and insurance you are guaranteed a safe home away from home with on site laundry and cleaning facilities.


  • Highest quality furniture and appliances
  • All students accepted
  • Flexible tenancy lengths
  • Private en-suites
  • Meeting other students from various schools and courses

Cons: Can be a bit more expensive than alternative options but is worth the price you pay.


2. University Accommodation

Many universities/colleges have available accommodation owned by the school, make sure to check what student levels are accepted into the housing as some only cater for first year students.


  • Close to campus
  • Sharing with fellow students


  • Often have shared bathrooms
  • Tenancy lengths can be quite rigid

3. House sharing

If the all-inclusive situation doesn’t convince you enough then you might consider house or flat sharing nearby. Manchester can be pretty expensive for students and many landlords are hesitant to rent to non full time employed individuals. You could move in with some friends or find a room available on sites such as Spareroom and Gumtree.


  • Many options to choose from in various areas
  • Not dependent on being a full-time student


  • Can be risks associated with moving in with strangers
  • Often no on-site landlords or management to assist with problems occurring
  • Expensive to move in and supply kitchenware, bedding and other resources
  • May not have laundry facilities

4. Parents

Obviously the most affordable option of all is living with your parents. This is only available to students that already live locally (or can commute) and if their parents are willing to put up with them for another 3+ years.


  • Home cooked meals
  • Cheaper or even free


  • Lack of privacy
  • Less opportunity for self development
  • Curfews, being treated like a child
  • Harder to meet new people


Looking for student accommodation in Salford/Manchester?

Riverside House provides all-inclusive, luxury student accommodation in Salford. All rooms are en-suite and at an affordable price for students only.