5 Things to Look for in Student Accommodation


When deciding upon a college or university to study at it can be easy to read about courses and envision your future career, but don’t forget that an important aspect of studying beyond high school is learning to become independent and meeting new people.

Here are 5 things to look for in your student accommodation search.

(because you’ll be spending plenty of time there.)

1. Location, location, location.

To optimise your time spent in these few amazing years of study it’s best that you don’t spend 90% of your time on a bus or stuck waiting for delayed trains.

Research the areas around your campus and make sure you find somewhere that’s easy to get to with nearby amenities, but also make sure it’s safe.

There are a variety of sites such as My Student Halls that can help you to locate accommodation nearest to your chosen school.

2. What’s included in the price?

Sticking with your budget is important and this is made a whole lot easier when you can keep track of all your expenses.

Finding accommodation that has all inclusive bills and other benefits such as free WiFi will make it a lot easier for budgeting and can help you to avoid scheduling all those last minute payment dates.

3. Furnishings.

Speaking of ‘what’s included in the price’, what furnishings are provided in the accommodation?

It might be a romantic idea to create pinterest boards and visit Ikea, but buying your own furniture can be costly and may leave you struggling to get rid of second hand goods once you’ve graduated.

If the accommodation is furnished make sure that everything suits your requirements. This may be your preferred bed size, an appropriate study place and/or couches to relax and watch TV on.

4. Atmosphere.

Only you can judge this. Your dream atmosphere may be focused on the people you’re with, the location, the size of rooms, the colours and all sorts of factors.

Do plenty of research and if possible visit accommodation before making decisions so that you can judge whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

If you are unable to visit in person ask for a room tour via video messaging or check if they have any videos or 360 virtual tours on Google maps.

5. Privacy and security.

For your safety (and to help your parents sleep at night) you need to find somewhere that not only feels secure but is genuinely safe to live in. Some factors for security include having secure locks on rooms and outside doors, places for valuable items (or contents insurance). It is also important to be aware of emergency procedures such as in case of fire.

Make sure that you thoroughly research your options for student accommodation whether it be student halls, other private rentals or deciding to stay at home with family. To save time and money it’s best that you make the right decision early on so that you can focus on studies and forming social groups instead of stressing about living situations.